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Digital Amit is a successful Indian Blogger, Graphic Designer, web developer and digital assests management.

Amit is from Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Amit currently has total 15 websites. He started his blogging in 2018. But he did not get success. Then his main website got Google Adsense approval. Then his earning started. The first payment from his blog was around $143. Which is around Rs 11 thousand in Indian currency. Then he created more blogs and started working.

His expertise is in audience development, web development, graphics designer and always helps people to earn money online.

Amit Digital Career

This incident happened during the time when Amit used to study in a small school in his village. He was very interested in mobile and technology since childhood. While doing research on the internet, he came to know about blogging. And he liked blogging. Then he started learning about blogging. Initially he did not get much response on his blog and then he left that blog. Then after a few months he created his new blog and started working on it. It started getting good response within a few days.

Similarly, his career gradually grew and at present thousands of people come to read his blog every day. Now he also does the work of Social Media Digital Assets management.

NameAmit Gupta
FromGorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
FacebookAmit Gupta
LinkedInAmit Babu

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